Progress bar jquery

We can use Jquery.ui progress bar script for profile completeness and other feature.

link of progress bar jquery.ui is


Sql Query for getting total number of empty fields in a row…

We can get total number of empty fields in a row in a table…

select SUM((`field1` = '') + (`field2` IS NULL) + ( `field3` = 0) + ...... (`fieldnth` = '')) from tablename where conditions;

Here we use
= ‘ ‘ for fields having field type string like varchar ,chars,text etc..
IS NULL is for field having default value NULL
= 0 is for field define integer type

cakephp pagination with search result

For make pagination compatible with search results

In controller file

if(isset($this-&gtrequest->data)) {
if (isset($this->request->data['User']['Search']) && ($this->request->data['User']['Search'] != '')) {
$search_keyword = $this->request->data['User']['Search'];
/*if search keyword is not enter then look for pagination condition params*/
elseif (!empty($this->request->params['named']['cond'])) {

$this->request->params['named']['cond'] = strtr($this->request->params['named']['cond'], '-_, ', '+/=');

$this->request->params['named']['cond'] = json_decode(base64_decode($this->request->params['named']['cond']), true);
if (isset($this->request->params['named']['cond']['search_keyword']) && $this->request->params['named']['cond']['gender'] != '') {
$search_keyword = trim($this->request->params['named']['cond']['search_keyword']);

$cond[] = "Product.productname LIKE '%" . $search_keyword . "'";
$separator['search_keyword'] = $search_keyword;

if (!empty($this->request->params)) {
if (isset($this->request->params["named"]["page"])) {
$urlSeparator[] = 'page:' . $this->request->params["named"]["page"];
if (isset($this->request->params["named"]["sort"])) {
$urlSeparator[] = 'sort:' . $this->request->params["named"]["sort"];
if (isset($this->request->params["named"]["direction"])) {
$urlSeparator[] = 'direction:' . $this->request->params["named"]["direction"];

$urlSeparator = implode("/", $urlSeparator);
$this->set('separator', $separator);
$this->set('urlSeparator', $urlSeparator);

$this->set('Products', $this->paginate("Product", $cond));


and in ctp file


$this->Paginator->options(array('update' => '#div_id_for_update',
'url' => array('controller' => 'controller_name', 'action' => 'index', "cond" => strtr(base64_encode(json_encode($separator)), '+/=', '-_,')),


Here in controller first we check if user click on search button then check for $this->request->data and set varriable $search_keywrd else check for pagiantion params and set $search_keyword and set pagination varriable and then in ctp file using $this->pagination->options set pagination link url with search condition.

Facebook Share URL

Hello  guys,

Normally we use

<a href=" title here target="_blank">Facebook Share</a>

but sometime it not take title from the variable t . For solve this issue you can use

<a href = "[title]=titlehere&p[url]=[summary]=your
sumary&p[images][0]="  target="_blank">FacebookShare</a>
p[title] => title want to share
p[url] => url want to share
p[summary] = summmary want to share
p[images][n] = images want to share. images may be multiple (n number).

How to get variable from AppController in Other Controllers in cakePHP 2.0

Let We have set a variable “test_Case” in APPController

function beforeFilter(){

$this->set(‘test_Case’ , ‘1’);


And We have to use it in Other controller file say TestsController.php

then we will use $this->viewVars.

here we will be used

$test_Case  = $this->viewVars[‘test_Case’];


CakePHP Session Issues

CakePHP’s handling of session variables appears very complex .It create confusion when $_SESSION variables are added within code not working. In Core.php we found default

Configure::write(‘Session.cookie’, ‘CAKEPHP’);

and session varriable set by cakePHP app will not be accessed by using $_SESSION. For make it work we have to made change in cakePHP core.php file. We have to add line

Configure::write(‘Session.cookie’, ‘PHPSESSID’);

 Now  $_SESSION vars will be accessed  across both areas.

Note: the session cookie name just needs to correspond to the session name in your php.ini file – the default is PHPSESSID.