Basic Google Ajax Rss Feed WordPress plugin

Google Ajax Feed is for display google ajax rss feed vertically or horizontally. Currently this has basic functionality. Here After activate from admin panel admin can set this widget in any sidebar and then he has to fill google api key and site url for rss feeds. Admin can set display of feeds horizontally or vertically. and also can set number of feeds to display.


Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by… WordPress Issue in Plugins

Some times when we add function wp_redirect() in wordpress plugin it gives error notice that “cannot modify header information. headers already sent by… see in pluggable.php in 934 line“. Then First check if any extra space not remain in wordpress plugin code. If not then add ob_start(); in function call with init hook in wordpress.

//allow redirection, even if my theme starts to send output to the browser
add_action(‘init’, ‘do_output_buffer’);
function do_output_buffer() {

Facebook Share URL

Hello  guys,

Normally we use

<a href=" title here target="_blank">Facebook Share</a>

but sometime it not take title from the variable t . For solve this issue you can use

<a href = "[title]=titlehere&p[url]=[summary]=your
sumary&p[images][0]="  target="_blank">FacebookShare</a>
p[title] => title want to share
p[url] => url want to share
p[summary] = summmary want to share
p[images][n] = images want to share. images may be multiple (n number).