Paypal IPN ipn_verify function issue with fsockopen function

Hello everyone,

I am sing paypal.class.php file for paypal.

I make a payment with a Sandbox account and It return some issue. After that, that’s what my ipn listener is returning:

HTTP/1.0 302

Found Location:

Server: BigIP

Connection: Keep-Alive

Content-Length: 0

In this issue payment make successfully but ipn_verify() function return unverified result.

I found the solution of this problem in Paypal.class.php

// open the connection to paypal change the line

$fp = fsockopen($url_parsed[host], “80”, $errNum, $errStr, 30);


$fp = fsockopen(‘ssl://’.$url_parsed[‘host’], “443”, $errNum, $errStr, 30);

For more help please use the following link: